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A perfect package for portability or shops starting out withlow volume alignment service who wish to avoid the investment cost of analignment rack. Portable wheel stands allow use on a two-post lift in virtuallyany work bay. Optimal for small repair shops or even frame benches in heavy-hitcollision shops. Also works well as a backup alignment system to handleover-flow alignment service across the shop.

·CCD WirelessSensor Wheel Aligner (DWA1100) with Wheel Stand Kit (Includes: Stands, Roller,& Plates).

·Portable wheel stands with integral turn plates on all four standsalign all vehicles including independent four-wheel suspensions and long wheelbase light trucks.

·Easy to learn, Easy to use software with advanced features &complete specs.

·Stands Weight Limit: 10,000 lbs. or 2,500 lbs. per stand.

·Argos inspired Software & Design

·24.5” Clamping Range

·30+ Year vehicle database

·Industrial Computer

·Wi-Fi Antenna

·Ergonomic Design

Features and Comparison

  • 8 sensor CCD technology
  • DSP processing
  • PC computer, keyboard and storage cabinet standard
  • Four shock resistant BT2 wireless rechargeable alignment heads with charging station standard
  • Featherweight alignment heads. Only 5.75 lbs each
  • Lithium ion batteries for long life
  • MEMS static accelerometers provide the latest in measuring technology (newest measuring technology)
  • 30” wheel clamping range
  • Windows based software with multiple languages
  • Complete vehicle and customer database for Heavy Duty truck with alignment specification 30 years
  • User friendly truck software alignment program
  • Handles up to seven truck axles


Power Supply110VAC
Shipping DimensionsL58" x W43" x H85"
Gross Shipping Weight320 lbs.


One Year Limited Warranty


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