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    RHINO CTB-700
    CB-1200 Truck Tire Wheel Balancer has set the standard for all other Heavy-Duty wheel balancer machines on the market today. It is designed to handle the most demanding tires and wheels in high volume tire shops that require the utmost in reliability and performance for the high volume, commercial tire dealer or truck fleet.
    List Price: $3,900.00
    Rhino CB600 Total Automatic Data Input Wheel Balancer
    Totally Automatic Data Entry, decreases operator error during data input. Quickest, most efficient "Entry Level" wheel balancer on the market today. Available in both powder coat finish Red or Blue. Functions includes 9 different modes including "Hidden Weight" and "Split Function" modes
    List Price: $3,095.00
    CB355 Wheel Balancer.
    List Price: $1,890.00