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Heavy Duty Tire Changers



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    CEMB SM56T

    Professional quality unit for tire shops with a heavy workload of commercial, agricultural and earth moving wheels. Comes fully assembled.

    List Price: $19,000.00
    Ranger R26FLT
    The Ranger R26FLTD is a super-duty tire changer that handles the truck, bus and commercial van tires with ease. Comes with joy stick control. The Ranger R26FLT is an incredibly fast and efficient large tire changer. Swap out tubeless truck, agricultural and off-road tires from 9" to 26" in just minutes. A portable remote control brings convenient precision to your finger tips and saves you precious time. We've thoroughly explored all aspects of truck wheel service to develop the quickest large tyre changer possible, so high-volume tire shops can get the speed, capability and dependability that they demand.
    List Price: $10,915.00
    Cemb CM27T
    Features and Benefits CM27T is a universal electro-hydraulic tire changer for truck tire dealers, bus companies, municipalities and large construction companies, featuring two operating speeds. Comes fully assembled.
    List Price: $17,000.00