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Floor Jacks

At AES Sales LLC, we carry a comprehensive range of floor jacks designed to meet the diverse needs of auto enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our high-quality floor jacks, including jack stands and transmission jacks, are engineered to provide reliable lifting solutions for various automotive maintenance tasks. Shop tested and proven accessories and supplies from AES Sales LLC, your trusted automotive equipment supplier.
Our jack stands are the perfect choice for supporting vehicles securely during maintenance and repair work. With adjustable height and durable construction, these stands offer stability and safety, allowing you to work underneath vehicles with confidence. Choose from a variety of weight capacities and designs to suit your specific requirements.
Enhance your automotive maintenance operations with AES Sales LLC's premium floor jacks, including jack stands and transmission jacks. Explore our diverse selection of lifting solutions today to experience superior quality, safety, and efficiency in your garage. Invest in reliable floor jacks from a reputable supplier and elevate your automotive repair and maintenance tasks to new heights.



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    RBJ-30TL 30-Ton
    • The big boss of rolling floor jacks, the Ranger RBJ-30TL rules the garage floor with its mighty 60,000-lb. lifting capacity.
    List Price: $1,449.00
    RFJ-6HD 3-Ton
    The RFJ-6HD 3-Ton "Low Rider" Garage Floor Jack is a true heavy lifter. With a 3-ton lifting capacity, "Quick-Pump" design, durable heavy steel construction and emergency overload system for safety, the RFJ-6HD is the jack to wheel out when working under a hefty ground-hugger.
    List Price: $425.00
    RFJ-3T 3-Ton Super-Duty Garage Floor Jack
    The RFJ-3T is a professional grade garage floor jack that sports a 6,000-lb. maximum lifting capacity and flanged side plates for extra strength where you need it most. Double-sealed hydraulics and a sturdy steel construction help to protect your investment, while the clever universal-joint release system and roller cam plunger assembly make operation a breeze.
    List Price: $485.00
    RFJ-3000AL 1-1/2 Ton Aluminum Quick Jack
    The Ranger model RFJ-3000AL Aluminum Quick Jack is made of the strongest aircraft alloy aluminum available. Not only does it weigh in at a feather-light 39 lbs., but it gets any racecar or hotrod a full 15" off the ground in just a few pumps of its knurled aluminum handle. With a low 3-1/2" profile front-roller, the RFJ-3000AL is perfect for working on ground-hugging, low ground-clearance performance vehicles.
    List Price: $419.00
    RFJ-3TQP 3-Ton Speedy Garage Floor Jack
    The ruggedly crafted RJF-3TQP is a versatile quick-lifter with a 3-Ton lifting capacity. Heavy steel construction and sealed hydraulics guarantee maximum durability, while the built-in safety overload valve protects personnel and equipment. Plus, with the exclusive "Quick-Pump" feature, this jack rises to the chassis challenge with only a single pump of the handle. The RJF-3TQP represents the ultimate in jacking speed and convenience
    List Price: $450.00
    RFJ-3TP 3-Ton Professional Series Garage Floor Jack
    The RFJ-3TP is a versatile lifting machine designed to meet a variety of everyday duties. Capable of handling a full 6,000 lb. load, this trusty floor jack is made out of heavy gauge steel to ensure maximum durability under tremendous pressure. As with every Ranger floor jack, the RFJ-3TP exceeds all ANSI standards in performance and safety
    List Price: $419.00
    RFJ-3000LPF 1-1/2 Ton Capacity Low Rider Super Long Garage Floor Jack
    The Ranger RFJ-3000LPF Low Rider Super-Long Garage Floor Jack features a lowered profile of only 2-3/4" and an astonishing 34" long chassis to easily reach the factory approved jacking points on most low ground-clearance vehicles. With a 1-1/2 ton lifting capacity and accurate direct-drive pump operation, this garage floor jack is the ideal combination of power and precision. Plus, the Ranger RFJ-3000LPF is constructed out of durable heavy steel and employs double-sealed hydraulics to extend the service life, so you know it's built to last.
    List Price: $525.00
    RFJ-10TL 10-Ton Long-Frame Garage Floor Jack
    The RFJ-10TL 10-Ton Long-Frame Garage Floor Jack is designed especially for extreme heavy-duty lifting. It is perfect for servicing truck fleets, bus garages, farms, heavy construction equipment and other vehicles that require access to very low areas. The RFJ-10TL features a foot-operated pump for quicker lifting efficiency, automatic overload safety valve and swivel casters for easy maneuvering around tight spaces.
    List Price: $1,399.00