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AES Sales LLC is proud to be your trusted automotive and garage equipment supplier, providing a comprehensive range of essential garage accessories to elevate your workspace. Our collection of accessories is crafted to enhance efficiency and productivity, ensuring you have all the tools you need for seamless operations.
Discover our versatile range of equipment designed to optimize your garage space. From portable oil drains and engine supports to shop cranes and shop presses, we offer solutions to streamline your workflow and tackle tasks with ease. These accessories are built with durability and functionality in mind, making them essential additions to your garage.
Choose AES Sales LLC for all your garage accessory needs and transform your workspace into a hub of efficiency and excellence. Explore our extensive range today and gear up your garage for success.



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    Ranger RS-500D

    An increased cabinet size and larger solution tank makes the RS-500 more versatile and productive. By using an octagonal full-opening door, we've enhanced access to the turntable to enhance the operator's loading capabilities.

    List Price: $8,200.00
    .RD-8G 9-Gallon
    This upright 8-gallon capacity oil drain features a stable wide-body made out heavy-duty translucent polyethylene for years of worry-free use.
    List Price: $300.00
    RST-500ESD 1,100-lb. Engine Support
    The engine is the heart and soul of a vehicle. Don't trust its care to anything but Ranger. The RST-500ESD is designed for unparalleled adaptability: threaded adjustable chain hooks and telescoping side foot-pads adjust to all manner of engine compartments.
    List Price: $265.00
    RSC-2TF 2-Ton Folding Shop Crane
    The RSC-2TF 2-Ton Folding Shop Crane sports a 1" to 93" lifting range and features a 4-hole position boom, 8-ton capacity long-ram, 6-wheel design for added mobility and a foldable body. Quick-release ring pins make setup and teardown a snap. Heavy steel construction ensures maximum durability and the 4-position boom is reinforced, so flex isn't an issue.
    List Price: $720.00
    RP-20T 20-Ton Bottle Jack Shop Press
    This 20-ton press was designed for heavy use and works great in both repair shops and your home garage. Ideal for the removal and installation of gears, bushings and bearings, the RP-20T also excels at bending, straightening and flattening. The applications are truly endless.
    List Price: $850.00
    RP-20HD 20-Ton Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Shop Press
    This robust 20-ton press was designed for heavy use in repair shops, but works just as well in your garage. Ideal for the removal and installation of gears, bushings and bearings, the RP-20HD also excels at bending, straightening and flattening. The applications are truly endless.
    List Price: $985.00
    RP-20FC Industrial 10-Ton Oil Filter / Can Crusher
    The Ranger RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher applies 10 tons of pure, air-operated pressure to just about any used oil filter or can, easily reducing it to 20% - 25% of its original size and removing 95% of the oil. An integrated collection chamber and collector downspout makes oil recovery a cinch. At the drastically reduced size, cans and oil filters are much cheaper to dispose of, so the Ranger RP-20FC is good for the environment AND your bank account. Perfect for crushing light-duty truck and automotive filters. Even the popular 8" tall filters for Cummins and Power stroke diesel-powered vehicles fold beneath the massive weight of this crusher.
    List Price: $1,950.00
    RH-50PL Dual Support, Spring Rewind Hose Reel and 50 Ft / 300 psi Hose
    The industrial-grade Ranger RH-50PL is our most popular premium hose reel and features reinforced
    List Price: $456.00
    RES-1TF 1-Ton Folding Engine Stand
    The RES-1TF 1-ton capacity engine stand is all about functional convenience. When you need it, it's right there to lend its helping 360° swivel claw. When you're done, just fold it up and put it in a corner, where it will wait patiently until called upon again.
    List Price: $560.00
    RCD-2V Vehicle Dolly 4400 lb
    Bendpak-RCD-1V dolly
    List Price: $499.00
    RCD-1TD Low Profile Automotive Carts / Set of 2
    Sold as a pair, these heavy-duty steel auto dollies move disabled vehicles wherever you want them.
    List Price: $299.00
    Hydraulic car dolly and wheel lift GoCart vehicle positioning jacks allow one person to effortlessly move autos, trucks, boats, trailers, lawn mowers and tractors, jet skis, motorcycles, airplanes, or other wheeled and recreational vehicles. Sold in sets of two, these car dollies are the wheels for your wheels.
    List Price: $525.00