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CEMB ER75 TD Video Diagnostic Wheel Balancer

The CEMB Diagnostic Wheel Balancer ER75TD is made especially for busy tire shops. This new series has the latest technology in wheel balancing, “Spotter” lasers that actually pinpoint the exact location of stick-on wheel weights. This is done with little or no chance of operator error when entering dimensions (major cause of check spin errors).

Full Time Static on screen for a perfect balance, Pneumatic Locking for easy, quick and perfect clamping and Radial Runout Sonar for wheel diagnostic. The automatic arm measures diameters up to 30", automatic entry of the dimensions with width sonar 3D. It comes fully assembled.

Standard Accessories

CEMB ER75 Pneumatic Sleeve

Pneumatic Sleeve

CEMB ER75 Cup + Pressure Ring

Cup + Pressure Ring
Reverse mounting cup with no mar-ring + Pressure ring

CEMB ER75 cones

3 cones covering hole sizes 1.69” (43mm) to 4.33” (110mm)

CEMB ER75 Caliper

Rim width gauge for measuring wheel width

CEMB ER75 Shaft

40mm pneumatic shaft

CEMB ER75 Weight Pliers

Weight Pliers
Can be used as balanced weight hammer, cutting pliers for trimming wheel weights, and puller to remove the old wheel weights

CEMB ER75 TestWeight

Test Weight

CEMB ER75 Tool

Tool to lock/unlock the shaft

CEMB ER75 Wheel Guard

Wheel Guard

CEMB ER75 3D-Sonar

Width Sonar
Automatic Width Sonar reading (3D)

CEMB ER75 New Gauge

New Gauge
New extended gauge for diameter measurement of rims up to 30"

CEMB ER75 Spotter

Spotter Laser System for best correction possible


LED to light the working space inside of the rim

CEMB ER75 Pneumatic Lock

Pneumatic Lock

CEMB ER75 Radial RO Sonar

Radial R.O. Sonar
Radial runout sonar for wheel diagnostic

CEMB ER75 Electric Brake

Electric Brake
Electric brake for easy weight placement

CEMB ER75 Storage

5 pegs for adaptors storage

Features and Comparison

  • Professional video diagnostic wheel balancer especially designed for tire dealers
  • Automatic Distance & Diameter Entry with Width Sonar (3D)
  • Fully automatic Spotter Laser System for best correction possible
  • Full-time accuracy with Static unbalance always displayed on screen
  • Radial Runout Sonar for wheel diagnostic
  • LED to light the wok space inside the rim
  • New automatic arm to measure automatically diameters up to 30"
  • Pneumatic locking
  • Electromagnetic brake for easy weight placement
  • Available 110VAC or 220VAC
  • Wide working space
  • Optimization program for compensation of rim and tire unbalance
  • One Button Split & Hidden Weight Program


Shaft Size40mm
Max. Tire Diameter42" (1,067 mm)
Rim Diameter10" - 30" (265 - 765 mm)
Rim width1.5" - 20" (40 - 510 mm)
Maximum Wheel Weight165 lbs. (75kg)
Balancing Speed< 100 rpm
Balancing Accuracy< 0.1 oz (< 1 g)
Operating Temperature32-113 °F (0-45 °C)
Average cycle time5 seconds
Balancing speed100 rpm
Power Supply110VAC or 220VAC / 50/60 Hz / 1 ph
Gross Shipping Weight400 lbs (180 Kg)


One Year Limited Warranty


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